Microsoft Gold Partner

We are a Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner, which is the highest level of Microsoft accreditation available. This status has been awarded for two separate competencies: Application Development and DevOps, via an independent accreditation process. Our Gold accreditation is verification of our high level of skill and expertise in the application of Microsoft technologies.

Microsoft product accreditations

Our software products are built using the Microsoft .NET platform.

FloSuite/FireWatch/TeamWatch: work with latest versions of Microsoft Office®, Microsoft Windows Server®, Microsoft SQL Server® and Windows®.

Pre-approved government supplier status

Infographics' FireWatch® (/TeamWatch) and FloSuite® products can be purchased via our approved partner, SCC, via pre-approved tendering using the SPRINT ii framework.

ISO accreditation

As an ISO 9001:2015 registered company, we adhere to extremely high standards of process management within our own internal operations, which helps us better serve our clients. Our company processes are independently verified by Facilities Quality Management on an annual basis, providing us with a valuable stamp of professionalism and quality in the way we run our business. We have an ISO Manager who is responsible for our internal processes and adherence to audited standards.

'Green' accreditation

We have worked hard to achieve CAESAR environmental accreditation in recognition of our 'green' credentials, evident in our day-to-day operations where we recycle packaging in the staff canteen, operate motion-sensitive lighting, and ensure everyday office consumables like toner cartridges, paper, cardboard and batteries are also recycled. We are also part of Cyclescheme - a Cycle to Work programme.