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Business Process Outsourcing

Capita, the technology-enabled business process outsourcing specialists, use our FireWatch solution to manage core operations and IT arrangements for clients in the UK Fire and Rescue Service. Capita is a global organisation employing around 75,000 staff.

Thorntons Law LLP

Legal Case Management

Thorntons is one of the largest legal services firms in Scotland, with 46 partners supported by over 400 colleagues across ten locations. The firm uses FloSuite to manage and streamline business processes. Read more

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue - Prevention & Protection

Prevention and Protection

Bedfordshire has selected our Prevent + Protect solution, our specialist case, customer relationship and task management software for Prevention & Protection teams. This Web-enabled application supports activities such as commercial audits, residential visits, 'safe & well', petrol licensing, and other job types. It can be used for mobile working on portable devices and enable offline/online synchronisation of work.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue - Prevention & Protection

Fire Prevention and Protection Case Management

Lincolnshire FRS has deployed our Fire Prevent + Protect solution in order to deliver a single case and customer relationship management system for domestic and commercial fire safety teams - and support the Service in meeting and exceeding risk and prevention targets. Read more

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