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Norfolk Fire and Rescue

Case Management & Process Automation - multiple solutions

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service uses FloSuite to automate business processes, including a targeted Case Management Solution for hydrants management. The Service has also deployed PPE issuing and asset tracking workflows - plus a medical reminders solution. Read more

West Sussex Fire and Rescue

West Sussex sees benefits of FRS-focused HR solution

West Sussex initially wished to deploy a stop-gap solution before rolling out a generic SAP® HR system already used by the local council – but after implementing FireWatch they changed their strategy and invested in our fire-service specific solution for the long-term future. Read more

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue

Mobile Solutions/Case Management - Prevention & Protection/Safeguarding

Fire Prevention and Fire Protection processes are streamlined and managed at Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service using FloSuite. Our Prevent + Protect solution includes workflow, task management, CRM, document production, audits and online/offline working and synchronisation. Read more

County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue

Business Process & Case Management

County Durham and Darlington uses FloSuite Business Process and Case Management (and FireWatch Enterprise Resource Management) to help manage and streamline core and back office operations.

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