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Infographics - Internal

BPM, Case Management and Resource Planning & Delivery

As part of a programme of internal projects, we have deployed a range of FloSuite (as well as FireWatch/TeamWatch) solutions internally to improve processes and increase efficiency. Read more

Leicestershire Fire and Rescue

FireWatch supports strategic co-ordination of people, skills and assets

FireWatch helped Leicestershire Fire and Rescue to deliver an integrated platform to support the strategic co-ordination of people, skills and availability.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue

Lincolnshire improves efficiency and service quality

FireWatch has been deployed by Lincolnshire FRS to join-up teams and departments across multiple FRS functions, and help improve efficiency and service quality. LFRS has also deployed Infographics' Fire Prevention & Protection solution to manage delivery of community and commercial fire safety services.

Other clients

Bespoke development and non-core product clients

Infographics has also previously worked, both in the UK and overseas, with leading organisations such as Shell, Somfy, RBS, HBOS, Fidelity Group, UPM, Tullis Russell, Scottish Power, and others, to deliver a number of different project types based on Microsoft technologies.

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