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Avon Fire and Rescue

FireWatch integrates people, data and processes

FireWatch was selected by Avon Fire and Rescue Service to help co-ordinate and improve operations and efficiency across multiple departmental areas of the Service.

Central Scotland Fire and Rescue

FireWatch streamlines personnel functions

Central Scotland Fire and Rescue utilises FireWatch to help streamline the management of core human resource functions.

East Sussex Fire and Rescue

East Sussex increases collaboration and efficiency

East Sussex previously used a leading generic HR system to manage their human resources. FireWatch was selected as a replacement to help East Sussex Fire and Rescue manage their specific sector requirements, improve the efficiency of its operational and back-office functions and replace multiple disconnected systems.

Dumfries & Galloway Fire and Rescue

FireWatch automates back office and operational procedures

Dumfries and Galloway has implemented FireWatch as an integrated solution for the Fire and Rescue Service, automating back-office and operational processes and improving collaboration.

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