Partners & Alliances

Business & Technology Partnerships


Infographics is a Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner, accredited at the highest level for two competencies - Applications Development and Application Lifecycle Management. These competences have been awarded in relation to our solutions developed under the FloSuite® and FireWatch® (& TeamWatch®) brands. This validates that we are focused on, and expert in, developing software using Microsoft technologies, and have met exacting criteria assessed independently by Microsoft. This cover areas such as staff qualifications, skills and training, product assessments and client references/satisfaction surveys. The Gold partnership accreditation is a genuine stamp of quality and expertise in Microsoft technologies.


Capita, the UK's leading business process outsourcing and professional services company, partners with Infographics through their subsidiary Fortek® Computers. Fortek is a pioneer of technology solutions for the public sector, providing innovative command, control and communication systems used by emergency services agencies throughout the world. Infographics' FireWatch product can be integrated with Fortek command and control solutions to provide them with comprehensive real-time availability data based on the information from multiple FireWatch modules such as HR, Training & Development/Qualifications and Assets. FireWatch can also receive incident data from the Fortek system.


Infographics' FloSuite BPM/Case Management solutions and FireWatch Enterprise Resource Management Solutions integrate with SAP’s enterprise application software, which empowers people and organisations to work together more efficiently and use business insight more effectively to stay ahead of the competition.


PageOne® leads the way in creating integrated mobile communication solutions for organisations across the UK, including a track record of over 20 years in public services. Infographics works with PageOne to provide mobile, pager and telephony integration as part of our Availability Management Service solution for Fire and Rescue Services.


We have partnered with Specialist Computers Centres (SCC), Europe's largest independent IT group, for pre-approved tendering services via Government frameworks, Contact us for more information.

Charity Support

Firefighters Charity

We are proud to be a corporate supporter of the fantastic Fire Fighters Charity. Infographics is a lead sponsor of the charity's annual Spirit of Fire Awards, a prestigious awards ceremony and dinner held annually to recognise Fire Fighters who have committed heroic acts in the line of duty, and also to honour acts bravery by members of the public.

Infographics was also delighted to be shortlisted for the Spirit of Fire Awards Corporate Supporter of the Year prize.