No 1. for Resource Management

Erm -specialists

Emergency and Professional Services specialists

As a leading supplier of resource planning and management solutions to Fire and Rescue, we have extensive knowledge of the requirements of organisations delivering team-based, professional and emergency services.

Our experience has taught us that it is essential for specialised industry sectors, like Fire and Rescue, to orchestrate the efficient and 'joined-up' management of people, assets, skills and availability planning by integrating the operations of multiple departments.

Taking an integrated approach

Around one third of UK Fire and Rescue Services now use our enterprise resource management solutions to achieve this more integrated approach - taking a strategic step away from previous reliance on disparate departmental systems and generic HR solutions.

Market-leaders for Fire and Rescue

As a result, we are now the #1 supplier of enterprise resource planning & management solutions to the UK Fire and Rescue Service.

Our key business focus moving forward is to continue to leverage our niche industry knowledge by providing specialist software solutions to high-risk/high-skill industry sectors.

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