Successful & Expanding Company

Successful -company

Extensive track record

Infographics has a track record of over 20 years in supplying specialist software solutions to the commercial and public sectors. During this time we have been profitable, stable, and remained a privately-owned and funded company.

Specialist solutions

We have evolved from being a third-party implementer and bespoke development organisation into a successful products company. Today we are focused entirely on development of our own-brand solutions - FireWatch®, TeamWatch® and FloSuite®.


Our company structure enables us to focus entirely on the needs of our clients rather than being driven by external shareholders and investors.

Our solutions deliver ROI for our clients through increased operational efficiencies, reduced duplication of work/effort, improved risk management and provision of essential, accurate and real-time management information - which has been a key driver for sustained sales growth.

Predominantly based within high-risk/high-skill sectors in the UK, our clients come from the emergency services, legal, regulatory/government and other professional service areas.

We provide specialist solutions that are designed to meet a need for robust risk management; 24x7 workforce/availability management; enterprise-wide co-ordination of people, processes and assets; and deployment of best-practice and compliance-assured procedures.

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