Sept 7 (FW) and Sept 10 (P+P)

Online - Virtual User Conference

Infographics’ 2020 FireWatch and Prevent + Protect user conferences go virtual!

FireWatch Virtual User Conference, Sept 7, with Prevent + Prevent following on Sept 10

To keep our clients and staff safe in these challenging times, we are taking our 2020 FireWatch and Prevent + Protect User Conferences online for a virtual meet-up, and rolling over our residential conference until May 2021.

The virtual FireWatch event, taking place on September 7 and Prevent + Protect event, following on September 10, will focus on the overall Evolution 2020 theme of supporting flexible and remote working within the modern FRS.

Our clients from across the UK can join their peers online, access advanced product training, attend our virtual workshops, see the latest FireWatch features, hear case studies and learn about the product road map.

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