Sprint update – latest IG dev team news…

Posted on: 17th March 2021

Highlights from the dev team sprint just ended include work to extend the functionality of our new FloSuite integrations with Microsoft Office 365 and Teams, delivering exciting enhancements. Includes the ability to complete and reassign FloSuite tasks directly from within O365.

Plus, our FloSuite chat bot can now offer AI-driven assistance to users from within the Microsoft Teams application – a feature which will be incorporated within our FloSuite Legal Billing and Forecasting Applications, and Prevent + Protect, and available to any FloSuite Case Management and Business Process Management solution.

The dev team has also been busy extending our FireWatch Mobile app to include defecting of vehicles and buildings within the asset management area, and significantly reworking and enhancing our FireWatch Web client navigation to further improve the user experience.

And there’s great news for all our clients and our support team! They will soon benefit from our FloOffice integration between Microsoft Office 365 and our IT HelpDesk solution (built on FloSuite), allowing the management, allocation and completion of support tickets directly from within Outlook O365 – greatly streamlining the user experience and enhancing customer service.

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