Ongoing support

Our annual support and maintenance services ensure you are supported on an ongoing basis - with your needs kept at the very core of our products.

Range of support services

Infographics provides an online HelpDesk and ticketing system directly linked to our team’s DevOps systems. There's also email and telephone support, remote and onsite support, a secure client online forum and consultative assistance. By separate contract we can provide additional 24/7 on-call support.

Supported user community

Our clients continually collaborate with us and each other to help us build solutions that meet challenging requirements. We offer an online forum, residential conference and client webinars to strengthen this process.

Managed deployment

Infographics offers a full range of deployment and support services, delivered by our highly-trained in-house teams and led by specialists aligned with our main product streams.

Deployment options

Our solutions can be deployed on-premise or as a fully managed Cloud delivery, with upgrades managed remotely to maximise efficiency, convenience and quality.

Comprehensive service

Implementation, training and skills transfer are part of our standard delivery model. Ongoing support and maintenance services ensure that solutions are thereafter continually reinvested in to meet customer needs.